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Conference Management

G-STAR provides Videoconferencing Management Applications that help organizations of all sizes improve communications by using their video resources more effectively. With these applications, you can easily schedule video conferences from a web browser and Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes calendars, where you can view, check availability, and reserve video resources such as multipoint control units (MCUs) and gateways. These applications reduce complexity and facilitate optimal resource utilization by communicating with multiple MCU and gateway devices and automatically reserving the appropriate resources at the most efficient locations.

Additional features such as custom meeting templates that identify bandwidth, layout, and terminal preferences; Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration; email notifications; and automatic dialout to video terminals help make scheduling and attendance flexible and efficient, thereby reducing TCO and the need for help-desk support.

These management applications also help improve meeting effectiveness by providing in-meeting controls, such as the capability to invite new users, mute and unmute participants, and change the meeting video layout. You can control all meetings from a single, centralized ‘web user interface, and you can record and play back meetings for later review. These Conference Management Applications extend Unified Videoconferencing solutions with desktop video and firewall traversal capabilities that allow virtually anyone with a PC and a browser to participate in video conferences. Remote and traveling employees, partners, customers, and employees who do not have access to traditional video conferencing room or desktop systems can also now benefit from increased productivity and relationship building afforded by direct, real-time visual communications.