Unified Communications

G-STAR products connect people, information, and teams together to enable comprehensive and effective communication and collaboration. We support your video production from desktop to the boardroom and to your mobile devices with ease. Each of our solutions include standards-based components that are easy to deploy and operate. We provide a seamless integration including our personalized telepresence offerings. Our management applications, video recording and streaming capabilities give our clients the ability to create a complete and cohesive video communication ecosystem.

With G-STAR, your organization can achieve 
an affordable solution to its video production
 needs. Our expertise in hardware, software, 
and cloud architecture, provides our clients
 an ability to connect to its co-workers, 
partners, vendors, and customers on an 
on-demand schedule. Information and
 expertise can be accessed as easily as making a phone call. Our staff is able to facilitate, bring suggestive interaction, and work jointly with your work-groups and teams to produce the required network so mobile workers can be productive anywhere and everywhere.

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